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Project Specifications




Huge graphical interface in three colors. The interface is suitable for games in the style of techno, robot techno, space genre, casual genre, etc. The layout is fully vector and is available for full editing.

The package includes sliced buttons, panels, and other GUI elements. All layers are marked with different colors and arranged in different categories for easy layout editing.

List files  [Many COLORS (Blue, Red, Green)]
+ File PSD [1920x1100px, Vector, Many Layers, Grouped, Editable] 

+ Files RED UI [67 Files, PNG UI Elements: Transparent]
+ Files BLUE UI [67 Files, PNG UI Elements: Transparent]
+ Files GREEN UI [67 Files, PNG UI Elements: Transparent]
+ Files ICONS UI [26 Files, 42x42px, PNG UI Elements: Transparent]

+ In Photoshop [Styles]

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