What are cookies (files)?

Cookies are technologies used on websites to ensure their proper functioning and the operation of their elements. Cookies are small text files that are stored on the user's computer and used to collect information about their actions on the site. They help tailor the site to the user's individual needs and ensure its security. Cookies may contain information about the user's preferences, visit history, authorization, and other parameters.

What are session files (sessions)?

Sessions are temporary files created on a website's server during a user's session on the site. They are used to save information about the user's state on the site, such as login status, cart contents, selected parameters, and settings. Sessions are deleted after the user's session ends.

The website's systems do not transfer information about cookies and sessions to third parties, except as provided by law. Users can manage their cookie settings in their browser and delete them if necessary. However, disabling cookies may reduce the functionality of the site or render some of its elements inoperable.