Tetris sprite set


02:43 05 July 2023

Project Specifications



A powerful package of sprites for creating your own game in the Tetris genre. The package includes three sizes of sprites from small to large image resolutions.

12 unique design types and 12 unique color solutions for each block and rows of blocks. High image detail both at a distant and close distance when looking at a phone, tablet or PC monitor. 14 block options.

[12 Styles Blocks | PNG Format | 12 Colors for each Block | 14 Block options]
[3 Categories of Image Resolution]
[One Mini Block | Big Size: 398x398px | Middle Size: 119x119px | Small size: 40x40px]
You can create your own blocks the kit includes from one block, up to 14 different block schemes.
[588 Folders / 6039 Files PNG]

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